Relay for LAPS Rules

  • By being a participant in the Relay for Laps, you accept all risks involved.
  • Awards are given for longest distance completed by male, female and mixed (male and female) relay teams in their attempts; an additional BFR (Big Fun Relay) award is given for the attempt made with the most number of swimmers.
  • Relay teams swim for exactly one hour. Winners are based on the team that swims the farthest distance during the one hour.
  • The cost to participate is $10 per person per attempt.
  • Each team must complete a team signup prior to making an attempt.
  • All team members must complete a separate registration entry for every attempt online prior to making an attempt.  Online registrations should be completed here
  • Any swimmer may be on multiple team entries; $10 per attempt per swimmer.
  • Any size pool is valid if the pool length is known and can be accurately used in the calculation of the total distance. 
  • The order of the relay, the number of times each swimmer may swim, the number of swimmers on the relay attempt, the number of lengths or laps each swimmer may swim per relay, and the stroke each swimmer swims is open for teams to decide. 
  • USMS relay start and finish rules apply. The swimmer in the water must touch the wall before the next swimmer can leave the starting blocks/wall.  If the swimmer on the starting block/wall is NOT touching the block or wall when the swimmer in the water touches the wall, the relay exchange is disqualified.  There are no refunds for disqualifications. 
  • Except for the BFR award, the winning relay team is one that goes the farthest distance in one hour in each category: Male, Female and Mixed; in the event of a tie, the winner will be determined as the team that swam the closest to their predicted distance which is recorded on the Relay for LAPS Team Attempt Signup prior to the attempt.
  • Only one relay attempt can use one lane at the same time.  Two or more relay attempts can not be made using the same lane at the same time.
  • Only one lane may be used per attempt; i.e. there will be no adding or combining of lanes to increase distance completed.
  • Teams can stop prior to the allotted time, for any reason. 
  • Swimmers may start from blocks if available or from the end of the pool, but must follow the pool safety rules at all times (no diving in designated NO DIVING areas).  
  • Teams may make multiple attempts, but each attempt will require a separate $10 per person online registration entry.  
  • Each relay team is responsible for arranging for safety, lifeguard(s) during the attempt, as required by their designated pool.  
  • The only approved swimming aids will be one suit per swimmer, one cap per swimmer, ear plugs, goggles and nose clip.  The use of fins, paddles or pull buoys will NOT be permitted during the attempt.
  • The counter will count the total distance completed by the team members during the one hour and report the results to this form prior to the deadline.  Any act of fraud, deception or dishonesty in connection with this event or knowingly providing false information will result in disqualification.
  • Results will be posted after the deadline and awards will be sent to the winners. 


Attempt – what each relay team will do when they try to win the challenge; each team may make multiple attempts; the cost per attempt is $10 per swimmer per attempt.
Total Distance – the cumulative distance the relay team swims during their attempt.
Lap – two lengths of the pool.
Length – the distance from the wall under the relay start to the wall on the opposite end of the pool.
Counters –count the distance they swim, calculate the distance they swim and certify and enter their results on the website.